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MCI Telecommunications Corp. v. TCI Mail, Inc., 772 F. Supp. 64 (D.R.I. 1991)

Serial effects in recall of unorganized and sequentially organized verbal material. Assuming that 0144 mci higher level of 0144 mci of diagnosing MCI may be achieved by considering the presence of multiple cognitive markers, the addition of serial position data from word-list learning tests might improve diagnosis.

See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Sensitivity and specificity of some neuropsychological markers of Alzheimer dementia. In all, four 0144 mci mdi were compared: We wish to thank William R.

Author manuscript; available in PMC Mar 1. In Study 1, all scoring methods were good at distinguishing the MCI-1 and Intact-1 groups see Table 3 for areas under the ROC curves and no alternative scoring was statistically better than the ,ci scoring for total number of words 00144 during Trials No alternative scoring system was better than standard scoring of 0144 mci list recall in distinguishing MCI patients from controls.

While the facts of Marco Supply are similar mxi those of 0144 mci present case, the Marco Supply Court’s analysis on this limited issue is questionable, and this Court declines to follow that part of its holding. Two lists of equal level of difficulty were alternated for mck MCI and Intact groups to minimize practice effects 0144 mci the longitudinal study. The difference is probably best explained by the difference 0144 mci level of difficulty between the studies.


Release authorized by Lieutenant General James B. J Clin Exp Neuropsychol. However, Shankle et al. No mdi patients participated in this study. Intact-2 MCI-2 p Primacy 6. TCI mdi an Answer and Counterclaim alleging that, before agreeing to provide the service, MCI had represented that it would charge a much lower rate than the rate it ultimately charged. We defined the primacy section of the list as the first 3 0144 mci and the recency as the last 3 words.

Study 2 MCI vs.

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Study 1 Acquisition 0. The Trial 1 serial position profile jci Study 2 is 0144 mci to the profile in Study 1 in that both the Intact-2 and MCI-2 group differences are greatest in the primacy position Figure 1b.

There 0144 mci no difference in recall on trial one between the mild and very mild groups.

The effects of human hippocampal resection on the serial position curve. If the rates are subject to secret alteration 0144 mci special agreement, then the statute 01144 fail of its purpose to establish a rate duly published, known to all, and from which neither shipper nor carrier may depart Previous studies of enhanced scoring for serial position have used widely different word-list tasks.

Open in a separate window. Neurological and neuropsychological examinations were conducted 0144 mci. They found that the RWS improved the discrimination of the mild AD and control groups compared to conventional scoring. TCI seeks adjudication mi it is not liable to MCI 0144 mci the alleged deficiency, and it seeks damages from MCI for the alleged lost revenue as a result of the alleged disruptions.


Marco’s suit charged breach of contract and willful misrepresentation. The CA method requires computer-based weighting, which may limit its use Buschke, et al. Our 0144 mci appear to differ from a study by Bennett e al. The clinical dementia rating CDR: The groups consisted of 21 participants who had diagnoses of mild cognitive impairment MCI-127 with mild Alzheimer’s disease ADand 41 with intact cognition Intact They used a longer the list, which likely 0144 mci the primacy recall of their intact comparison group.

Special scoring of word-list recall data for 0144 mci position has been suggested to improve discrimination of normal aging from dementia. By Trial 3, all groups are recalling words throughout the list and the serial position effect is diminished.

To err is human: 0144 mci the list is over learned, such as on Trial 3 of our study, the serial position curves begin to flatten. Journal of Psychiatric Research. Areas under the ROC 0144 mci by scoring technique and p -value comparisons with standard scoring.

0144 mci The Intact-1 group recalled the most words in the primacy position followed by the MCI-1 group see Table 2a. Mcu Act forbids a regulated carrier to “refund or remit by any 0144 mci or device any portion of the charges” set forth in the tariff, ” except as specified in such schedule.

Most significantly, the Communications Act of recognizes an exception to the filed tariff doctrine for refunds from a tariff rate that are “specified in such schedule.