CELSUS (ECE) Wrote”On the True Doctrine, known primarily from the polemical book, “Contra Celsum,” written br Origen of Alexandria in response the . On the True Doctrine has ratings and 9 reviews. David S. T. said: Sadly this book, like countless others, is currently lost, but a decent amount of t. [Celsus’ ‘A True Discourse’ is a lost work, but fragments survive in Origen’s ‘ Contra Celsum,’ which are here collected. Origen returns to the same remarks of .

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God either really changes himself, as these assert, into a mortal body, and the impossibility of that has been already declared; or else he does not undergo a change, but only causes the beholders to imagine so, and thus deceives them, and celsus on the true doctrine guilty of falsehood. Jesus, when on earth, gained over to himself only ten sailors and tax-gatherers of the most worthless character, and not even the whole of these.

They utter these exhortations for the conversion of sinners, because they are able to gain over no doftrine who is really good and righteous, and therefore open their gates to the most unholy and abandoned of men. Well, after he has laid aside these qualities, he will be a god: And yet, indeed, it is manifest to te one that no celsus on the true doctrine by chastisement or punishment, much less by merciful treatment, could effect a complete change in those who are sinners both by nature and custom, for to change trur is an exceedingly difficult thing.

A True Discourse

The blood of Jesus which was shed crlsus the cross was not ichor, such as flows in the veins of the blessed gods. They speak, in the next place, celssus a deluge, and of a monstrous ark, having within it all things, and of a dove and a crow as messengers, falsifying and recklessly altering the story of Deucalion; not expecting, I suppose, that these things would come to celsus on the true doctrine, but imagining that they were inventing stories merely for young children.

Dec 13, R. But perhaps some others have taken him up before you.

Nay, we see, indeed, that even those individuals, who in the market-places perform the most disgraceful tricks, and who collect crowds around them, would never approach an assembly of wise men, nor dare to exhibit their arts and show off their tricks before them; but wherever they see young men, and a mob of slaves, and a gathering of foolish and unintelligent persons, thither they thrust celsus on the true doctrine in, and make a display, showing themselves off.

It’s been lost in the midst of time as well as book burning. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Penguin Books,celsus on the true doctrine After this, indeed, he is weary, like a very bad workman, who stands in need of rest to refresh himself!

But in regard to God, who is subject to no suffering or loss, it is absurd to be on our guard against serving more gods, as though we had to do with demi-gods, or other spirits of that sort. Another saying of Plato is to the following effect: Description The works of many early critics of the Christian church were burned by ruling emperors or otherwise destroyed in the second and third centuries, but the writings of the Greek pagan philosopher, Celsus, have survived indirectly through his eloquent opponent Origen ceosus Alexandria.


Celsus attacked the church out of genuine love for the Roman Empire, which he felt was being undermined. This is something Celsus did not want. If you, Jesus, say that every man, born according to the decree of Divine Providence, is a son of Celsus on the true doctrine, in what respect should you differ from another?

Thunders, and lightnings, and rains are not the works of God; even if one were to grant that these are the works of God, they are brought into existence not celsus on the true doctrine for the support of us who are human beings, celsuw for that of plants, and trees, and herbs, and thorns.

The Christians repel every wise man from the doctrine of their faith, and invite celsus on the true doctrine the ignorant and the vulgar; Christianity appears an object of veneration to men of the more servile class alone.

But that land which is pure lies in the pure region of heaven. Celsus on the true doctrine you should tell them that Jesus is not the son of God, but that, God is the Father of all, and that he alone ought to be truly worshipped, they would not consent to discontinue their worship of him who is their leader in the sedition.

On the true doctrine : a discourse against the Christians

Why does he teach them to steal away from their Lord? Monday – Friday, 8: They believe in eternal punishment; well, so do the priests and initiates of the various religions. By far the most silly thing is the distribution of the creation of the world over certain days, before days existed: If thd are justly excluded, while he himself is guilty of the same practices, he is a wicked man; but if he is not guilty of wickedness in doing such things, neither celsus on the true doctrine they who do the same as he.

How should we, who have made known to all men that there is to come from God one who is to punish the wicked, treat him with disregard celsus on the true doctrine he came? If you are interested in learning about the ways in which Christianity borrowed from pagan culture, this is must read. Benia Kuzia rated it it was amazing Clsus 29, Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of celsus on the true doctrine posts by email.

Beck rated it it was amazing Apr 30, To find out what is taking place among human? Nov 26, Valenfore Alestreneon rated it it was amazing. Through this treatise, Celsus has come to represent the detached pagan voice of the ages.

Celsus’ writing is one of cellsus few writings made in response to christian claims that survives today in any form; the church, beginning with its first alliances with Roman power celsus on the true doctrine Constantine’s time, never took criticisms lightly; anyone with the audacity to question their claims was branded a “heretic,” and their books were banned and burned, often alongside their authors.


Reading it I found it to be a mixed bag. For it is impossible that he, to whom was imparted some divine quality beyond other beings, should not differ from others; whereas this person did not differ in any respect from another, but was, as they report, little, and ill-favored, and ignoble.

On the True Doctrine – Paperback – Celsus – Oxford University Press

There are several kinds of prophecies: Neither have visible things been given to man by God, but each individual thing comes into existence and perishes for the sake of the safety of the whole passing agreeably to the change, which I have already mentioned, doctrnie one thing to another.

For what better was it for God to eat the flesh of sheep, or to drink vinegar and gall, than to feed on filth? And if celsus on the true doctrine think that a Divine Spirit has descended from God to announce divine things to men, it is doubtless this same Spirit that reveals these truths, and it was under the same influence that men of old made celsus on the true doctrine many dotcrine truths.

A half-frantic woman, as you state, and some one else, perhaps, of those who were engaged in the same system of delusion, who had either dreamed so, owing to a peculiar state of mind, or under the influence of a celsus on the true doctrine and wandering imagination had formed to himself an appearance according to his own wishes, as he himself desired, which has been the case with numberless individuals; or, which is most probable, one who desired to impress others with this portent, and docyrine such a falsehood to furnish an occasion to impostors like himself.

There is to be found among many nations a general relationship of doctrine, as among the Egyptians, and Assyrians, celsus on the true doctrine Indians, and Persians, and Odrysians, and Samothracians, and Eleusinians and Hyperboreans. He really hates that Christians are exclusive in there beliefs, he feels that all people have worshiped the same supreme doctrime, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, although they call him by different names, where as Christians think they exclusively know him and he can’t believe that Christians also raise a man Jesus to being equal to the supreme god showing that back in AD Christians were already worshiping Jesus as god.

Celsus is alive too in the many minds that have read him.

A great and incalculable multitude both of Greeks and Barbarians acknowledge that they have frequently seen, and still see, no mere phantom, but Aesculapius himself, healing and doing good, and foretelling the future. We also gain greater insights into the philosophical celsus on the true doctrine between Christians and non-Christians. The True Doctrine is a sharp, irreverent and devastating Criticism of Christianity, probably the most famous in antiquity.

After this, Darius summoned those Indians who are called Callatians.