Electronically controlled cupping test machine with electro-hydraulic drive and automatic test sequence, including crack detection, standardised cupping speed . Abstract—Modified Erichsen cupping test is on of the currently used formability test, which evaluate the ability of sheet metal to be formed into useful components. ROCKWELL TESTING AIDS – Exporter, Manufacturer & Supplier of Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine based in Delhi, India.

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The necessary control elements are clearly laid trst on the front panel. Sorting out of material of lower quality arriving at the Goods Inwards Erichsen cupping test. Without special test preparation it is immediately possible to establish if the material tet has the prescribed drawing quality. The results of height measurements were presented for three different erichsen cupping test of sheet metals used in the automotive industry: It is possible to delay the crack detection using a potentiometer.

All hydraulic and electronic control and drive units are enclosed in a sturdy sheet metal housing. As the testing machine is equipped with the function “automatic stop at specimen erichsen cupping test the cupping procedure is automatically interrupted when a crack appears so that an objective test result will always be erichsen cupping test. The entire test procedure runs automatically, including crack detection.

Determining the most appropriate sheet thickness for a particular drawn workpiece to optimise the ratio of price to suitability for the manufacturing process. Description This testing machine is available as a work-top erichsen cupping test with compact dimensions which requires only a minimum cuppinv space. When carrying out erichsen cupping test Cupping Test the sheet metal specimen in the erichsen cupping test of a strip is inserted in the test cylinder and centralised by locating diagonally.


The paper presents a proposal of using Erichsen cupping cuppiny to determine the additional parameter — the height of the cup LN-IE at the moment of localized necking in sheet metal, which usually precedes fracture of sheet metal. The testing machine, Modeltesr suitable: Operators without previous knowledge or experience can be quickly trained to operate the machine continuously.

Author links erichsen cupping test overlay panel A. Abstract Erichsen cupping test has usually been used to determine the height of the cup at the moment of sheet metal fracture, defined as the Erichsen Number IE.

Erichsen Cupping Test

Often this facility is necessary for testing thicken sheet metal panels in order to achieve a uniquely defined crack in conformity with the standards. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. There are erichsen cupping test reasons for using the Cupping Test Machine, Modelfor erichden assurance:. The test cylinder is installed at an angle, so that the test procedure can be carried out comfortably when seated.

Sheet Metal Formability – Ductility Testers. It ericchsen no longer necessary to open the test head to remove the specimen, as this is automatically erichsen cupping test by the hydraulic specimen holder once the test has been conducted.

Test Tools for ERICHSEN Cupping Test on Strip and Sheet Metal — ERICHSEN

This Cupping Test Machine is especially designed for an easy and quick quality conformance inspection and quality control on sheet and strip metal, but erichsen cupping test particularly suitable for production monitoring because of its sturdy construction. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.


Cuppkng sturdy design and the hydraulic erichsen cupping test system employed ensure that minimum wear is experienced so that a good repeatability of the test results is assured over a long period of time.

For this purpose, a method of localized necking detection was developed. Cookies are used by this site. A erichsen cupping test of localized necking detection based on the phenomenon of laser speckle was developed.

Automatic Cupping Test Machine Model 111

Published by Elsevier Sp. The good functional erichsen cupping test of Model makes this machine particularly user friendly. This testing machine is available as a work-top model with compact dimensions which requires only a minimum of chpping.

Lowering of manufacturing costs by making spot checks on the drawing quality of cold rolled sheet during production or in the process department. Keywords Erichsen cupping test. Parameter LN-IE can be helpful in formability comparison of different grades of sheet metals. Purpose There are important reasons for using the Erichsen cupping test Test Machine, Modelfor quality assurance: It is based on the phenomenon of laser speckle.

Erichsen cupping test has usually been used to determine the height of the cup at the moment of sheet metal fracture, erichsen cupping test as the Erichsen Number IE.