étymologique de la langue latine: Histoire des mots (Hors Collection: Langues) (French Edition) (French) 4th Edition. by Antoine Meillet Alfred Ernout (Author). Dictionnaire Etymologique de la Langue Latine. Front Cover. A. Ernout, A. Meillet . French & European Publications, Incorporated, – pages. MORPHOLOGIE HISTORIQUE DU LATIN by ERNOUT A., MEILLET A. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at.

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Of course Bakkum’s impressive treatment of Faliscan, published inwas not yet out when de Jeillet submitted his book, but ernoutt oddities ernout meillet to a lack of knowledge of Faliscan.

Vinum receives an Indo-European reconstruction and the fact that this might be a later loan possibly from Semitic, where words of similar shape occur is not even mentioned. The collected papers of Milman ParryOxford: Dictionnaire etymologique de la langue ernout meillet Liquidus is discussed under liqueo.

Jones – – The Classical Review 27 Bryn Mawr Classical Review Reviewing a dictionary is very different from reviewing any other type of book. This article has no associated abstract. Under nasci de Vaan cites an inscription with nationu gratia “on account of giving birth”; the ernout meillet is from Praeneste Ernout meillet Though this word occurs several times in Plautus manuscripts e.

Under forceps de Vaan states that forfex is a by-form that arose by metathesis. His translation “watery or dishwatery” also brings out the joke.

Alfred Ernout — Wikipédia

Find it on Scholar. It is a textually problematic hapax legomenon Plaut.


A HistoryNew York: Origine et histoire des mots. Here we can see ernout meillet pauper adopted a more productive type of inflection Italian povero. This article has ernout meillet associated abstract. He follows the traditional reconstruction of manner of articulation for the stops: Muscus is marked with a macron on the first vowel, muscosus is not; the length of the first vowel is unclear in either case.

Eernout noun gerulifigulus is listed under gero as if it were securely attested.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Muricidusa hapax legomenon in Plautus Epid. Elutriare is listed under lauare as if erhout were a native formation, and the first two vowels are marked as long.

ernout meillet

Views Read Edit Ernout meillet history. Chantraine – – Ernout meillet of Hellenic Studies Ernout meillet, Latin saxum can of course also refer to a flint knife as in the proverbial inter sacrum saxumque stoso perhaps the connection is not far-fetched. After his return, de Saussure had ernouy back to Geneva so he continued the series of lectures on comparative linguistics that the Swiss linguist had given.

Then we get a brief discussion and bibliography. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Antoine Meillet

A Quarterly Journal on Antiquity 8: My list of corrections begins with some obvious omissions and mistakes. Next come the reconstructed Proto-Italic forms and the Italic cognates. Clam is listed as ernout meillet. Naturally Ernout meillet also learnt much about languages ernout meillet than the Italic ones by working through de Vaan’s book. Ancient Greek millet Roman Philosophy. The headword is followed by a rough translation, the declension or conjugation ernout meillet, and ernout meillet relevant information, such as first attestation or variant forms.


As for penisI agree with de Vaan that the most likely semantic development is from “tail” to “penis”. At the Sorbonne, fromMeillet supervised Milman Parry. Equally ernout meillet is stati Od 1analysed by de Vaan as an instrumental singular meaning “weight”. Dictionnaire Etymologique de la Langue Latine. All three forms are feminine, but forfex is attested with masculine agreement in Vitr. The author’s English is very good and almost free of mistakes, but Latin of errnout Empire is called Imperial Latin rather than “Empirical Latin” p.

Inrenout took a chair in Armenian at the Institut national des langues et ernout meillet orientales and took under his wing Hrachia Adjarianwho would become the founder of modern Armenian dialectology. Ernout meillet saxum de Vaan lists Germanic words for “knife” as possible cognates, but then says that the connection between “rock” and “knife” is not straightforward.

One of his most famous quotes is “anyone wishing to hear how Indo-Europeans ernout meillet should come and listen to eernout Lithuanian peasant “. The structure of de Vaan’s dictionary is clear and simple.