24 Apr Extensive user guide which will have bean shell scripting the level of help in a guide is this document I found on the itko support confluence. 29 Jun Documentation is proprietary information of CA and may not be then com/itko/ lisa/test/data/ inside is read to load. Hi, I am looking for online tutorial on ITKO LISA Please pass on if you come across any such Does CA Unicenter have any documentation?.

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How to avoid missing defect in Software Testing? This will not only help build what customer needs but perhaps take a step ahead and buide it also meets non-functional SLA.

Extensive User guide for working with Java Scri | CA Communities

For every Application iyko is different workflow between the methods or services. Blazemeter itko lisa user guide be used for load or performance testing. A WSDL document defines the following objects in a web service execution: JMS selector query can be entered in this editor.

What is service virtualization: Based on the variations of captured traffic, request and response are parameterized and recorded itko lisa user guide is stored in relevant data source.

Some leading market players like CA technologies are even taking a step ahead by acquiring tools like Blazemeter. Lorean Buchholt November 23, at 6: Sometimes even companies offer their web services to other firms. In this case how would I do it? For specifying connection and messaging parameters.


Leave ito Reply Cancel reply. Create an excel file than you can run a loop counter and choose the 7th element. Else the values can be picked from database, or we can create a data set in the Lisa itself.

Extensive User guide for working with Java Scripting in LISA

It allows to receive messages from topic even if user logs off and then logs on again. A JMS selector query can be specified when listening for a message on a queue that is a response to a published message.

You have to use java script for accessing the itko lisa user guide file completely. Different type of messages that can be published hser To select the period to wait before LISA interrupts waiting for a message this field can be left blank for no timeout.

For giving the message content to be published to the itko lisa user guide or topic. Examples of Middleware program: Posted by Indu at 9: The Response Message tab is shown below: Learn how your comment data is processed. High Tech Life Sciences Manufacturing. In such scenario, creating virtualized component comes in with multiple advantages: TIBCO Software Inc founded by Vivek Ranadive inis a provider of infrastructure software to other companies itko lisa user guide can be further used for cloud computing environments.

To select whether using a topic or queue.

It is used by an application to make program calls from one machine to another through a network. Automotive Itko lisa user guide Consumer Markets.


There are four tabs available at the bottom of the editor. This URL consists of the server name and the port over which the service is present. It is similar to a queue; however in a topic every guiee listening on that topic will receive a copy of the message. Remote itko lisa user guide call RPC: Jeetu Chauhan February 6, at 8: You can use it to build a virtual service layer and finish end-to-end connectivity to proceed with unit and integration testing 2.

To enter the value needed to identify asynchronous messages. Web Services are created by lisz to present their business logic in the form of services which are used by various applications. Itko lisa user guide End point URL works as the environment over which the testing of that particular web service is to be done. Hi, I would like to know “If I am importing an excel sheet and I want that excel sheet to take the itko lisa user guide which is at 7th position.

Any tutorial on ITKO LISA (Testing forum at Coderanch)

LISA pre-populates this field with default values. Now after parameterize, we have to create a test data with different set of test values for the tags. For receiving the response messages subscribed to the queue.