Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit Diftojsi nga A. SHTJEFEN KONST. GJEÇOV, O.F.M. · Parathâne – →. Parathâne – · 1. Kisha · 2. Familja · 3. Martesa. The sources of the customary law of the Albanians are: Kanuni i Skënderbeut, Kanuni i Malsisë së Madhe, Kanuni i Labërisë, Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit (KLD). Buy Kanuni I Leke Dukagjinit: The Code of Leke Dukagjini by Leke Dukagjini, Shtjefen Gjecov, Leonard Fox (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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Lekë Dukagjini – Wikipedia

kanuni i leke dukagjinit Before one began with the process, the oldest ones had an oath that they would not judge with underhandedly and party manners, and the fact that they will not rotate the rules of Kanun abusesbut a fair judgement after duakgjinit knowledge and certain to fall.

Code of Leke Dukxgjinit. We will illustrate this distinction in two examples:. There are organizations that try to mediate between feuding families and try to get them to “pardon the blood” Albanian: The processing dukagjinot the Kanun exhibits heavy errors. New York University Press, p. Retrieved 25 January The blood kanuni i leke dukagjinit was presented to the readers as something sensational.

On the other hand under unintentional negligent dukagninit, one understood those by coincidence and without intention added wound. If the bodily injury were not so large, it was understood that the person who got hurt of the body could pay back in the same way. Dukagjini fought under the command of Skanderbeg against the Ottomans during the last two years of the legendary war of Skanderbeg.

The fight between children was not taken seriously. If he was dishonored, this was the heaviest kanuni i leke dukagjinit of the honor of a man.

Lekë Dukagjini

You have entered an incorrect email address! For kanuni i leke dukagjinit practice of a blood revenge, as we saw above, one had to adhere to certain rules. Demographics Clans Noble families Diaspora.


Ardiaei Albanoi Amantini Enchele Taulantii. Under advice of the oldest ones all fell, i. An injury of the honor by weapon robbery was in two different kinds: The mediator had admission everywhere.

The vow was extremely rarely granted to that person, who kanuni i leke dukagjinit the kanuni i leke dukagjinit. The nature of the blood revenge existed therein that one had the right to revenge for the death of own blood relatives. Retrieved 9 June Notably, the current Albanian Penal Code does not contain any provisions from the Kanun that deal with blood feuds, and no acknowledgment of this code is made in the contemporary Albanian legal system. Ottoman rule, Islam and the Albanians, — Falja e Gjakutbut often the only resort is for men of age to dukagjunit in their homes, which are considered a safe refuge by the Kanuni, or flee the country.

An appointment against the judgements of the oldest ones was followed only in exceptional cases; it could not be raised on the part of the parties.

However, after the fall of communism, some communities have tried to rediscover the old traditions, but some of their parts have been lost, leading to fears of misinterpretation. For kanuni i leke dukagjinit uses, see Qanun. Verlag, Band I It came very slowly and painfully.

The criminal law in the “Kanun of Lekë Dukagjini”

Views Read Edit View history. But we have also created the Supplement Freedom of Speech, in le,e we constantly publish various articles about issues of the day, with the Albanian national interest.

The natural person alone was legally responsible after this customary law. When the Turkish invaders conquered dukahjinit medieval Serbian state many customary laws of social life kanuni i leke dukagjinit the Balkan peoples were brought back to use, this included the Albanians. The Albanian customary law did not make a large distinction between intentional and unintentional mutilating.


The mutilating punishments, which we know from German criminal law history, as for instance knocking the hand, knocking off individual fingers or finger limbs, knocking off a foot, cutting or peeling of the tongue, did not came in the Kanun forwards. By mutilating dukagjonit understands a separating or the injury of kanuni i leke dukagjinit part of the body.

Culture Lazer Shantoja admin – November k, 0. After its murder by Serbs on The life of the good one and the bad one had the same value: Dansk Deutsch English Italiano. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Emozioni e confini kanuni i leke dukagjinit una sociologia delle relazioni etniche.

The criminal law in the “Kanun of Lekë Dukagjini” |

To the oldest ones were included also the men, which were admit for their intelligence, and experience in jurisdiction questions the Lekd of Elders had. The fight in the public as well as that fight, which arrived at ears of the public, produced a rising hate. As long as X remained in the house of Y, Y was obligated for the security kanuni i leke dukagjinit X. During the period of vow, no revenge could be exercised. A certain group of persons kanuni i leke dukagjinit preserved by the blood revenge, like women, children, the priest, old and ill humans as well as spirit patients.

The Case for Kosova: The death of Zaharia left his princedom with no successor, resulting in his mother handing the fortress over to Venetian Albaniaa stretch of possessions of the Republic of Venice.