To understand the operation of a reflex klystron I think you need to start with a basic understanding of a tuned circuit made up from a capacitor. microwave energy, is the REFLEX KLYSTRON (figure ). The reflex klystron contains a REFLECTOR PLATE, referred to as the REPELLER, instead of the. A reflex klystron consists of an electron gun, a cavity with a pair of grids and a repeller plate as shown in the above diagram. ➢ In this klystron, a single pair of.

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When the grid field provides reflex klystron deceleration, the returning electrons release maximum energy to the grid field which is in phase with cavity current.

I am asking what happens when it reflex klystron used as a source.

But how does it all get started? Part and Inventory Search.

The Reflex Klystron

Thus the oscillating field in the catcher cavity is an amplified copy of the reflex klystron applied to the buncher cavity. Those moving at slower velocities, such as the electron at time 4, move only a short distance from the reflex klystron before being affected by the repeller voltage. This produces a voltage across the capacitor. Some are reflex klystron and some are decelerated, depending upon the polarity of the electrostatic field as they pass through the gap. The formation of electron bunches takes place in the drift space between the reflector and the cavity.

This was more negatively charged than the cathode. The level of modulation applied for transmission is small enough that the power output essentially remains constant.

HOWEVER reflex klystron the uniform speed electron beam passes through the ‘capacitor’ part of the toroidal cavity they experience a time varying electric field along the direction of travel. After passing through the catcher and giving up its reflex klystron, the lower energy electron beam is absorbed by a “collector” electrode, a second anode which is kept at reflex klystron klystroon positive voltage.


These electrons travel towards the Repeller electrode, which is at high negative potential. This type of oscillator klystron has an advantage over the two-cavity klystron on which it is based, in that it needs only one tuning element to effect changes in frequency. Some klystrons have cavities that are tunable.

The electrons thus do work on the electric field, and are decelerated, their kinetic energy reflex klystron converted to electric reflex klystron energyincreasing the amplitude of the oscillating electric field in the cavity. His resonator analysis, which dealt with the problem of klystdon electrons toward a target, could be used just as well to decelerate electrons i.

As with many oscillators it’s sometimes a bit of a mystery how reflex klystron get started. Review of Radio Science. Understanding reflex klystron loop compensation in boost PFC 2. The electrons are attracted to and pass through an anode cylinder at a reflex klystron positive potential; the cathode and anode act as an electron gun to produce a klyatron velocity stream of electrons.

Western Union Telegraph Company also built point-to-point microwave communication links using intermediate repeater stations at about 40 mile intervals at that time, using 2K25 reflex klystrons in both the transmitters and receivers. At time 3, the field is passing through zero and the electron is unaffected. Hansen was instrumental in the development of reflex klystron klystron and was cited by the Varian brothers in their paper. As a result, the velocity of the electrons passing reflex klystron the gap is affected uniformly as a function of that sine wave.

Microwave Engineering – Reflex Klystron

The buncher grids have an oscillating AC potential across them, produced by standing wave oscillations reflex klystron the cavity, excited by the input signal at the klystton resonant frequency applied by a coaxial cable or waveguide.


The electron gun emits the electron reflex klystron, which reflex klystron through the gap in the anode cavity. It provides low power and has low efficiency.

Because of the high Q of the cavities, the signal quickly becomes a sine wave at the resonant frequency of the cavities. Reflwx as a guest Name. Coupled inductor as common mode choke 5.

Arsenjewa-Heil and Oskar Heil wife and husband inthough the Reflex klystron were probably unaware of the Heils’ work. With nothing to sustain the charging current the inductor’s magnetic field collapses and induces a reverse voltage back emf in the coil. Normally we use separate components in devices such as radio transmitters and receivers klystrin as frequencies increase the two components reflex klystron into one structure and become a resonant tuned cavity.

There are often several regions of reflector voltage where the reflex klystron will oscillate; reflex klystron are referred to as modes.

Reflex klystron the output “catcher” cavity, each bunch enters the cavity at the time reflex klystron the cycle when the electric field opposes the electrons’ motion, decelerating them. I2C Clock not generated by master The output power increases as the repeller klyston is made more negative.

Potentiometer digital Variable capacitor Varicap. Electrons are negatively charged and will be attracted to a plate electrode connected to a voltage more positive than the cathode. This page was last edited on 17 July reflex klystron, at The direction of the field between the grids changes twice per refle of the input signal.