The Diameter base protocol is intended to provide an Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) framework for applications such as network access or. Diameter is the protocol used within EPS/IMS architectures for AAA ( Authentication, Diameter is specified primarily as a base protocol by the IETF in RFC Diameter is an authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol for computer networks. The Diameter base protocol is defined by RFC ( Obsoletes: RFC ) and defines the minimum requirements for an AAA protocol. Diameter.

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Chinmoy December 14, at 9: This field is only present if the respective bit-flag is enabled.

Diameter (protocol)

Diameter allows defining new commands and attributes. The “ip” keyword means any protocol will rfd. Each leg of the bundle would be a session while the entire bundle would be a multi-session. A connection is a transport level connection between two peers, used to send and receive Diameter messages.

Similarly, for the originator of a Diameter message, a “P” in the “MAY” column means that if rfc 3588 diameter message containing that AVP is to be sent via a Diameter agent proxy, redirect or relay then the message MUST NOT be sent unless there is end-to-end diametter between the originator and the recipient or the originator has locally trusted configuration that indicates that end-to-end security is not needed.

This limits the usefulness of Rfc 3588 diameter in inter-domain AAA applications such as roaming where rfc 3588 diameter may be desirable to define a distinct diamfter hierarchy for use in a AAA deployment.

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This comment has been removed by the author. Depending on the business model, a broker may either choose rfc 3588 diameter deploy relay agents or proxy agents. I dint find much information on the usage of App-Id. The supported TCP options are: The absence of a particular option may be denoted with a ‘!

Diameter Base Protocol Support

This MAY require that new AVP rfc 3588 diameter be assigned to represent the new authentication transform, or any other scheme that produces similar results. A Diameter Application is not a software application but is a protocol based on the Diameter base protocol defined in RFC Obsoletes: Since additional code points are added by amendments to the standard from time to time, implementations MUST be prepared to encounter any code point from 0x rfc 3588 diameter 0x7fffffff.

The creation of a new accounting application should be viewed as a last resort and MUST NOT be used unless a new command or additional mechanisms rfc 3588 diameter. Each new definition must be either defined or listed with a reference to the RFC that defines the format. Any node can initiate a request. Two Diameter applications are defined by companion documents: The ‘P’ bit indicates the need for encryption rfc 3588 diameter end-to-end security. Relaying of Diameter messages The example provided in Figure 2 depicts a request issued from NAS, which is an access device, for the user bob example.

Diametfr Identifier One or more servers the message is to be routed to.

The packet consists of a Diameter header and a variable number of Attribute-Value Pairs, or AVPs, for encapsulating information relevant to the Diameter message. Real-time Accounting Real-time accounting involves the processing of information on resource usage within a defined time window. It offers better roaming support.


In order to preserve interoperability, a Diameter implementation MUST be able to exclude from a Diameter message any Mandatory AVP which is neither defined in the rfc 3588 diameter Diameter protocol nor rfc 3588 diameter any of the Diameter Application specifications governing the message rfc 3588 diameter which it appears. An access device that is unable to interpret or apply a deny rule MUST terminate the session.

Diameter AVPs Diameter AVPs carry specific authentication, accounting, authorization, routing and security information as well as configuration details for the request and reply. This also eases the requirements on the NAS to support certificates.

Translation agents are likely to be used as aggregation servers to communicate with a Diameter infrastructure, while allowing for the embedded systems to be migrated at a slower pace.

Session A session is a related progression of events devoted to a particular activity. rfc 3588 diameter

Diameter Protocol Explained: New RFC (Diameter Base Protocol)

Dimeter an AVP with the ” M ” bit set is received by a Diameter client, server, proxy, or translation agent and either the AVP or its value is unrecognized, the message must be rejected.

Each English word is delimited by a hyphen. The AddressType rfc 3588 diameter used to discriminate the content and format of the remaining octets.