The Friends of Eddie Coyle: A Novel [George V. Higgins, Dennis Lehane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The classic novel from. In one of the best performances of his legendary career, Robert Mitchum plays small-time gunrunner Eddie “Fingers” Coyle in an adaptation by Peter Yates of. Based on the best-selling novel by George V. Higgins, The Friends of Eddie Coyle chronicles the last days of a weary Boston-based weapons dealer. Eddie.

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Cheap, Flash, and Brilliant, and the theater is going o…. Much of the book is written in dialog. Refresh and try again. I know most of you just said “What the crap? In the car, Dillon asks a drunk and sleepy Eddie where edide car is parked, but Eddie does not respond, having fallen asleep. The book has the friends of eddie coyle been adapted into a stage play by Bill Doncaster; Stickball Productions held a staged reading in Somerville, Massachusetts, on November 13,and launched a full production in December All that makes it feel real–and Higgins certainly had the background to know whereof he the friends of eddie coyle too much fatalism would spoil any sense of fun, and so what this book has in place of charm is snappiness: It is what endures.

The Criterion Collection – The Friends of Eddie Coyle()

Alex Rocco as Scalise. A cop complains about a grilled cheese he suffered through at a drug store counter. Season 2 The Walking Dead: Ruined his suit or something, going to spend the rest of his life getting even with the pigeons because they wrecked a hundred-dollar suit. The real art is surviving, because in this world, friejds has ratted, is ratting or will rat. Eddie is equivocal and tells Dillon he has parked his car in the Frirnds End. The friends of eddie coyle stated, “In other the friends of eddie coyle, Dillon appeared to be a prototype of the gangster that James J.


Joe Santos as Artie Van. The Friends of Eddie Coyle You’ve found Max Plank, a P.

Higgins lets his characters go about their frienes without the burden of reflection, doubt or regret. Apr 19, Jeremy S. I have showered naked in Florida. The New York Times.

Sure, they thought I was a heartless bitch. Peter Boyle as Dillon. Nobody has fdiends for a crisis of conscience or a shot at redemption.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle (novel) – Wikipedia

National Book Award Finalist for Fiction View all 3 comments. Gun runner Eddie Coyle is facing jail time for some hijacked booze. Hankering after a good new mystery series to sink your teeth into? In another scene an old crook explains to a young crook how the mob once slammed his hand in a drawer read: I really have no idea what a group of thhe run-of-the-mill criminals would actually sound hte, but the friends of eddie coyle is about the most realistic sounding group of crooks–and cops–that I’ve ever encountered in a novel.

Eddie Coyle is a great example ocyle this idea, and it just so happens to be the friends of eddie coyle of Mitchum’s finest roles, completely stripping down the brazen masculinity that had made him popular He’s an aging, grounded, unsentimental, down-on-his-luck man who’s trying to beat one last rap.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle

They could be train car mustaches and tip toeing stripes hauling their own ball and chains behind them until they can’t move lightly enough. Mitchell Ryan as Waters.

Two-Lane Blacktop Monte The friends of eddie coyle. Of course the film’s lynchpin is Robert Mitchum have I mentioned that I love him? The best thing about the book is watching the double faces on the slick words that comes out of everyone but Eddie’s mouths.


The Friends of Eddie Coyle is a very good example of gritty s Hollywood. Higgins’ Boston in the late ’60s crawls with repeat offenders on various levels of a hierarchical termite-ridden totem pole: It’s a banal world and its inevitabilities Shakespeare would easily recognize.

Thrilling shouldn’t be this funny, funny shouldn’t be this thrilling. This is a lie! The edition that I read has an awesome introduction by Dennis Lehane and it pretty much sums up the book in most simple words.

Wheeling, dealing, chasing, and stealing–that’s Eddie, and he’s got lots of friends. Does anything ever change in this racket? Even Better than True”.

These guys are all working stiffs, just trying to get through the day, irrespective of which side the friends of eddie coyle the law they happen to reside on. Coyle feels he has fulfilled his end of the deal, but Foley puts the squeeze on Eddie, demanding more information for his cooperation. This is not a crime novel that sensationalizes or romanticizes crime. In a quality cast, Peter Boyle stands out as the hitman and so-called “friend” who’s given the job of the friends of eddie coyle Mitchum.

Find out why reviewers are raving about Miami Burn. But that’s WHY they get away with everything! Jun 28, Steve rated it really liked it. Eddie “Fingers” could be facing some prison time and to avoid it, he might have to give to help the feds out by turning over someone he knows.